Whittier College FAQs

Q: I want to play lacrosse at Whittier, what is the best was to start the recruiting process?
A: Be proactive! If you’re interested in a specific school/program reach out directly to that coaching staff. We can’t be everywhere and see everyone so taking charge can definitely create opportunity.

Q: What recruiting events does your program typically attend?
A: We attend all major recruiting event in the western half of the US and typically get to a handful of tournaments back east throughout the year.

Q: How often does your team practice, and usually for how long?
A: For the fall, DIII rule allows us to practice 16 days. One of those days can be a competition. We typically go 3 days/week for 5 weeks then use our 16th date for a scrimmage. Practices are generally 2-2.5 hrs. In the spring, we will go 6 days/week.

Q: What about off the field conditioning?
A: Our players spend 3-4 days with our strength and conditioning staff throughout the fall as well. This is in addition to practice. In the spring, we typically perform maintenance lifting 1-2 times/week.

Q: How many games do you usually play each year?
A: We typically play 12-15 games per year with the hopes of playing more in the NCAA tournament!

Q: Does your team travel in the fall and spring?
A: We do not travel in the fall but travel pretty extensively in the spring. We usually take a long trip back east over spring break and then 2 weekend trips to various destinations in April.

Q: Do you ever participate in fundraising or community service?
A: We will do some light fundraising in the fall and will take part in a few community service initiatives. We also meet as team weekly for sports psych/team building activities.

Q: Do you, as a lacrosse coach, have any ability to help a recruit through the application process?
A: We work closely with the admissions office to identify high quality student athletes.

Q: In general, what are the minimum academic standards for a student athlete?
A: Our averages for accepted freshmen have a 3.5 GPA, 1100 SAT (Math/Reading) & 25 ACT.

Q: What are the three best things about playing at Whittier?
A: 1. Being a pioneer as a part of the only NCAA DIII program in the Pacific Time zone and only NCAA program in Southern California.

  1. Getting a high quality small school liberal arts education with the unique option to design your own major.
  2. Road trips with the team to represent western lacrosse at the varsity level throughout the country.
  3. Warm weather & sunshine!

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