2012 Sunset League All Conference Teams


Player of the Year: Sterling Hyde, Attack, Los Alamitos
Scholar Athlete of the Year: Jack Murrell, LSM, Newport

Name School Class Position
Ozzie Hyde Los Alamitos Senior Attack
Josh Jenks Los Alamitos Junior Attack
Jarred Rodenas Huntington Beach Senior Attack
Sterling Hyde Los Alamitos Senior Midfield
Josh Duchon Los Alamitos Junior Midfield
David Maestro Huntington Beach Junior Midfield
Andrew Wilson Newport Harbor Senior Defense
Max Crowley Los Alamitos Senior Defense
David Abady Huntington Beach Senior Defense
Trevor Jackson Huntington Beach Junior Goalie
Jack Murrell Newport Harbor Senior LSM
Hayden Smith Los Alamitos Senior Faceoff


Name School Class Position
Riley Robinson Newport Harbor Senior Attack
Alex Opyd Newport Harbor Senior Attack
Tyler Miller Los Alamitos Sophomore Attack
Grant Lowman Huntington Beach Junior Midfield
Alex Kowalski Huntington Beach Junior Midfield
Brady Hill Marina Senior Midfield
Vinnie San Fillipo Marina Junior Defense
Ryan Actkinson Los Alamitos Senior Defense
Dallas Hayden Huntington Beach Senior Defense
Geoff Halvorson Marina Junior Goalie
Casey Mais Los Alamitos Junior LSM
Rick Merchant Marina Senior Faceoff


Honorable Mention
Name School Class Position
Taylor Rifice Huntington Beach Junior Attack
David Firestein Marina Junior Attack
Kole Escher Newport Harbor Sophomore Attack
Ritter Hagadorn Newport Harbor Junior Midfield
Jace Heller Los Alamitos Junior Midfield
Jeff Lunske Huntington Beach Junior Midfield
Hamilton Randle Newport Harbor Senior Defense
Chris Hawk Los Alamitos Junior Defense
Ryan Hartcheck Huntington Beach Senior Defense
Mitch Dutton Los Alamitos Senior Goalie
Anders Davis Huntington Beach Junior LSM
Luke Toohey Newport Harbor Senior Faceoff