San Clemente sophomore attackman Peyton Garrett scored  with 2:38 left in the first overtime to lift the Tritons past Santa Margarita Catholic, 12-11. Garrett scooped up a rebound of Jordan Riggs’ shot a fired it past Eagles netminder Ronnie Pisano to send San Clemente to the US Lacrosse Southern Section championship versus top-seeded Corona del Mar.  The title game is set for Wednesday, May 9, at Dana Hills HS at 7:30 p.m. Undefeated CdM topped perennial champ Foothill, 7-5, in the first semifinal.

The goal–Garrett’s fifth of the night along with an assist–completed an improbable three-goal, fourth-quarter rally by the Tritons, who got a goal from Riggs in the final minute of regulation to force overtime. Fellow attackman Robbie Burns also had 5 goals for SC, while Riggs had a goal and two assists. Senior captain Charlie Satossky keyed the Tritons’ fourth-quarter rally with great individual effort, driving from behind the net and wrapping around before firing in a goal. Midlielder Aaron Self had a huge game, winning 18 of 27 faceoffs and grabbing a team-high 8 ground balls.

The Eagles were led by sophomore Hayden Ruiz, who scored four goals. Trevor Cook and RJ Mazolewski added two goals.

Scoring Summary

Robbie Burns from Jordan Riggs, 9:39, Q1 Score: 1-0 SC
RJ Mazalewski from Andrew Luher 6:09, Q1 Score: 1-1
Trevor cook unassisted 4:22 Q1 Score: 2-1 SM
Peyton Garrett from Anderson 4:01 Q1 Score: 2-2
Mazz from Ebner 2:15 Q1 Score: 3-2 SM
Robbie Burns unassisted 0:45 Q1 Score: 3-3
Burns from Garrett SC 10:15 Q2 Score: 4-3 SC
Ebner from Luher SM 8:39 Q2 Score: 4-4
Burns from Anderson 8:15 Q2 Score: 5-4 SC
Dhouni unassisted SM 7:50 Q2 Score: 5-5
Ruiz unassisted 7:03 Q2 Score: 6-5 SM
Ruiz unassisted 6:35 Q2 Score: 7-5 SM
Cook from Ebner SM 2:23 Q2 Score: 8-5 SM
Garrett from Riggs SC 1:03 Q2 Score: 8-6 SM
Ruiz unassisted 9:31 Q3 Score 9-6 SM
Burns from Collins 5:57 Score:9-7 SM
Garrett unassisted 3:40 Score:9-8 SM
Ruiz unassisted, 3:02 Score:10-8 SM
Senecal unassisted 0:44 Q3, Score:11-8 SM
Satosky unassisted 9:46 Q4 Score:11-9 SM
Garrett from Zines 6;14 Q4 Score:11-10 SM
Riggs unassisted 0:47 Q4 Score:11-11
Garrett unassisted 2:47 OT Score:12-11 San Clemente

Photo courtesy of Brian Miller


  1. Congratulations I must say it took me some time to find a website that has fresh news and scores for OC lacrosse. Trying to find updated scores for the playoffs without calling schools, students, or parents left me feeling like a telemarketer. You would think that would be on top of it as well but I would have better luck with the Da Vinci code then trying to find any lacrosse news on that site.

    However, I can’t help but feel that this site has a Santa Margarita Eagles/Trinity League bias.

    For example, SanClemente ” completed an improbable three-goal, fourth-quarter rally”. Whereas, the game before SM overcame a three-goal deficit. Apparently it wasn’t improbable but routine.

    Additionally, in reviewing the archives, the majority of them seem to be Trinity League centric.

    Other than highlights and recaps from games most of stories you have involve Trinity League teams.

    You praise SM seniors for progressing through the season to a 9-7 record with new head coach Brad Reppert–previously an SM assistant coach.

    However, there is no mention of Tesoro’s rise to number 2 with a completely new coaching staff, led by head coach Adam Miner, just two weeks before the season started.

    If you are to continue with this M.O. then please consider changing the name of the website to perhaps ‘’ or something similar.

    • Sean and all our of our readers,

      Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. First of all full disclosure; is a new site started at the beginning of this season by Norb Garrett and myself, Scott Parsons. Norb’s son Peyton is a sophomore at San Clemente and my son is a junior at Santa Margarita. We started this site at the beginning of this season because we noticed the same void in coverage of the local lacrosse scene that you pointed out. It is our goal to provide full coverage of OC lacrosse at all levels: youth, high school, the summer recruiting scene and MCLA college. As we worked our way through our first season there was admittedly more coverage for San Clemente and SM than other schools (and for south County than north County or the teams outside OC) because that has been the ‘low hanging fruit’ for us in our early stages. We tried to keep our biases out of our reporting but apparently were not as successful as we could have been and thank you for pointing that out.

      We have invited and continue to invite all coaches to designate someone to submit stories and/or stats for all games to provide more universal coverage. We hope that by next high school season that we will have write-ups on virtually every high school game that is played in OC. We will soon start covering youth games and will be hitting the recruiting trail this summer and reporting back on how the local kids are playing. We would also love to report on college commitment and signings but need your help in providing the information.

      We hope Coach Miner did not take offense at our omission as we think he, his staff, and team had a phenomenal season (Coach Miner may even offer a favorable character reference for Norb if you ask him),and think that Coach Miner is a very serious coach of the year candidate. We also hope that no one took offense at our mention of Adam Smith taking over the game with his play, or Tesoro’s impressive win streak, potent offense, and tough physical defense. I don’t think anyone would disagree that the outcome was an upset and we tried to report it as such.

      For the recored, Norb (our resident San Clemente homer) wrote the article regarding last night’s ”improbable three-goal, fourth-quarter rally”. I (our resident SM homer) wrote the article about the “routine” Santa Margarita comeback. “improbable” was intended as a compliment to the grit, determination, and character that Coach Miles’ team displayed in their impressive OT win. I watched Santa Margarita beat Tesoro in OT. I watched San Clemente beat Santa Margarita beat in OT. I watched Tesoro clinch the South Coast League by beating San Clemente in OT (thanks to Coach Miner for submitting the writeup). None of these games were routine. They were all tense, exciting, incredibly competitive contests. It’s game like these that make the local lacrosse so great and so deserving of a dedicated website. Thanks again for the input. We have no intention of giving up our domain name and hope to provide one stop shopping for all OC lacrosse. I hope you continue to check in.

  2. I truly appreciate the support, praise and coverage above. Sean and Scott, thank you for your nice words.

    Being new to the scene, I haven’t experienced the same pain as others in tracking down news and scores in previous years, but I found the best source of current and in-depth coverage of Orange County lacrosse throughout this season. Knowing Norb, we have discussed the site on many occasions and believe me, lack of Tesoro coverage was not due to lack of effort on his part. Like any other community, its strength is driven by the contributions of its members. Tesoro will be increasing its contributions to the site in the future. As the site develops, I hope to see more robust coverage of all OC teams. This will help balance some of the coverage bias that currently exists.

    As someone that has been involved in Orange County lacrosse from its beginning, I am excited to see lacrosse in the area continue to evolve and it is comforting that media coverage is now expanding with it.


    Coach Miner


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