Want to take your lacrosse game to the next level? Chris Camacho of Victory Sports Performance Powered by STACK shares this quick tip on speed that will change your game with a little training. We all want to get fast and have that first explosive step on our opponent, here is how. The objective of this exercise is to limit time spent on the ground and develop and elastic response in the ankle joint.

In today’s tip a group of middle school boys demonstrates the Ankling – Quick Steps Drill. Click on the video above to watch.

Beginning with a walk, with each small step taken, step no higher than the top of the opposite ankle. Emphasize the ankles remaining dorsiflexed throughout the drill. The look and the feel is a quick-shuffle action. As the tempo increases, an elastic response in the ankle increases. Arms and legs should be active with the elbows loosely positioned at 90 degrees. The focus is on limiting the time spent on the ground. Athletes should be instructed to listen to their step and try not to make a scuffing noise with their shoes.

Verbal Cues: “toes up,” “quick feet,” “hot ground,” and “fast shuffle.”


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